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3 sizes of the Smart Infuser

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Smart Infuser MX2

Infusion &     Marination
1/4   GN 150mm (3    Liter) 

Vacuum Packaging
1* 270mm seal bar 


Smart Infuser MX3

Infusion &     Marination
1/2   GN 100mm (6,2 Liter) 

Vacuum Packaging
2* 360mm seal bar 

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Smart Infuser MX4


Infusion &  Marination
2/3 GN 100mm (8,7 Liter) 
+ 2* 1/9 GN 100 ( 0,8 Liter)


Vacuum Packaging
2* 450mm seal bar 

About  the Technology


This new technology brings unmatched creativity and flexibility to the kitchen. Do you have a barbecue? You get more flavour in your piece of meat / fish in 10 minutes in the Smart Infuser, than after 72 hours of marinating in the refrigerator. This way you can always put a unique dish on the table quick and easily! Do you also want to surprise people with a special drink? You make the most beautiful cocktails by infusing your favourite flavours into a drink. And there are many other applications for the Smart Infuser such as packaging for Sous Vide, the possibility to cook vegetables without heat and making Cold Brews. Be inspired by recipes from the best Mixologists and chefs. You can easily download the recipes and programs online or you can let your creativity run wild and create your own recipes. The recipes are easy to store and can be reproduced precisely at the touch of a button. This saves you time and ensures consistent quality at all times!


If you want to infuse, marinate, tenderize, pickle, extract and enhance flavours, working with pressure levels below, on or above the boiling point is essential. The boiling point (of water around 100 Degrees Celsius, and 7 degrees under full vacuum) is the moment that magic happens. The release of pressure makes changes on cellular level possible. The boiling point is different for every liquid, product and mixture. Even the temperature, height and weather conditions have a major influence on the process and the end result. With the Smart Infuser you get the best results due to a completely redeveloped precision vacuum technology.


The specially developed software in combination with 2 sensors together form an intelligent control that can precisely detect this boiling point. Programming via the colour touch screen and pre-programmed recipes opens up a world of new possibilities.

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